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Sh*t South Africans say…well just the white ones anyway [video]
Posted by on Mar 1st, 2012

If you spend any time on the internet then you should know that last year sometime somebody made a video making fun of the sh*t girls say and it wasn’t long before it became an internet meme and spawned several similar video’s from the sh*t black girls say, sh*t gay guys say and even one i enjoyed sh*t Samuel L Jackson says HERE.

So it was inevitable that someone would create a local version and for your amusement (especially if you’re an expat or just overseas working or on holiday and miss home) i give you Sh*t South Africans Say.

Actually it should really be Sh*t White South Africans Say. never gets old hearing a Saffa accent.

They coulda done it alot better though if they had thrown in some Cape Flats folks, some Durban dudes and some Xhosa speaking locals as well as the obligatory dude in veldskoene saying ‘I are wearing a jean pant’.

Amusing none-the-less.

Good times.

[thanks Si]

Kirsten says:
March 03, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Hi, My sister made this video,
the point was to do just one perspective of south african people (this one being white)
so that if it does well enough she can do other clips focusing on other people in our country.
We have so many different languages and cultures its impossible to get it all in there, so rather do more videos.

Savage says:
March 03, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Thanks Kirsten.

Yes tell your sister to make more! Then do one with all the bits and mash it up into one video. Would be awesome. And someone mentioned that in this video she forgot to mention “bakkie’ and ‘robots’ :)

Adrian says:
March 03, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Hi, I shot the video with my wife Nicky, and there are more videos coming soon that will deal with all the amazing characters in this Rainbow Nation of ours.

We’ll post them sometime between now, now-now, just now….. and very soon!

:) Adrian

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