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RIM canning the BlackBerry Playbook…exiting tablet market?
Posted by on Sep 30th, 2011

I wasn’t gonna write this story, but the trackball on my BlackBerry won’t scroll down again so i may be venting a little. That and any excuse to throw in the words “RIM job opportunities”.

Although RIM, the makers of BlackBerry have flat-out denied the rumours, you have to worry a tad when you see tech websites throw out headlines like this.

As that old pyromaniac mantra goes..where there’s smoke there’s fire and this accompanied by news that two more executives have left the company is not exactly inspiring investor confidence. Have a look at what their stock has done over the last 6 months.

Eina….that’s bleak. At least there will be plenty RIM job offers (hehe) coming up hey.

“Research in Motion is fighting back against rumors that it’s abandoning its PlayBook tablet effort, just as word arrives that two more execs have jumped ship from the Canadian Titanic-emulator.

“Rumors suggesting that the BlackBerry PlayBook is being discontinued are pure fiction,” a RIM spokeswoman emailed Reuters. “RIM remains highly committed to the tablet market and the future of QNX in its platform.”

Perhaps. But cutting the fondleslab’s price in the US down to $299 – a $100 coupon and a $100 rebate – doesn’t speak of a tremendous amount of faith,” [The Register].

See BlackBerry people..this is what happens when you mess with my trackball thingy.

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