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Life is Savage returns to CT..without luggage and a story about a guy trying to bring a chainsaw on the plane [pic]
Posted by on Sep 16th, 2011

After 3 months of summer, Maple trees, moose and beavers, Life is Savage has finally returned to Cape Town and i can’t tell you how much i’m enjoying typing these words looking out over Sea Point. Tad chilly, but i’ll take it.

I left Montreal on Tuesday evening and i knew right from the start that the flight home was not gonna be your average journey. It started with some drama at the check-in counter when the guy in front of me got pulled aside by airport security and told to open his carry on baggage. I expected a lighter or other small banned item, but nooooooooo…dude decided to bring a chainsaw on board.

A f**cking chainsaw!!!!!

Couldn’t understand much since they were speaking angry French, but it was clear the chap thought it was normal to bring it with him.

It all went pear shaped from then on as a major lighting storm broke out just as the plane was about to take off. It was so bad that the plane was grounded for 2 and a half hours causing everyone who had to sit strapped-in to become really annoyed. It didn’t boost my confidence in KLM that their onboard safety instructions included major spelling errors.

Then an announcement by an air hostess: ” Ladies and gentlemen is there anyone who has a hypodermic syringe onboard“.


Some lady needed medical attention which caused further delay. Quick note to known diabetics. If you are ever on a plane and have a feeling that your blood sugar might be getting low….eat something ffs.

The plane eventually took off and arrived in Amsterdam 3 hours late. At the exact time my flight back to Cape Town was taking off. If i missed the flight i’d have to wait an entire day till the next one, but thankfully i made it…to the glaring eyes of an entire  plane of people starring at me for holding up the flight. F**k all you wankers.

12 hours later i arrived in Cape Town jet-lagged and with eyes like a tik addict only to find out that they didn’t put my luggage on board because there wasn’t enough time.

But i’m here and even though i slept most of yesterday, seeing this on the drive back home made the journey all worth while.

Cape Town you sexy biscuit of goodness….i’ve missed you.

Kirsty Bisset says:
September 09, 2011 at 9:49 am

Woooot! Welcome home… Eventually :)

Savage says:
September 09, 2011 at 9:49 am

Thanks Kirsty! Great to be home :)

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