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‘Braaiday’..the SA remix of Rebecca Black’s Friday song is here! [video]
Posted by on Sep 7th, 2011

When i first posted something about Rebecca Black and the mesmerising sh*t show of that Friday song i wondered when someone in South Africa was gonna take the piss and make a local version..well my friends, that time has arrived and it’s just what the sangoma ordered to get you ready for the Rugby World Cup starting in a couple of days.

As a South African overseas i think i may have just gotten the weirdest boner  while watching Braaiday by Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues.

Outstanding chaps…the sight of Blitz, Black Label and hearing lyrics like “gotta test the coals gotta check the heat, count to ten seconds and it’s ready for the meat….tongs tongs, hand me the tongs” is sweet music to my homesick ears.

National Braai day is coming up on the 24 September and don’t be surprised if you see your dronk tannie jamming to that tune around the braai.

The video was created by Gareth Allison and Nic Smal. Go check out more info HERE.

Good times.

[thanks Darryn]

Andre says:
September 09, 2011 at 5:56 am


Blou Bull says:
September 09, 2011 at 5:56 am

Mooi, gooi nog hout china.

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