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Google has another crack at Facebook and social networking
Posted by on Jun 29th, 2011

They’ve tried before and nothing much came out of Google Buzz, but Google aren’t giving up so easily and have decided to have another go at Facebook social networking by revealing the Google+ project.

It’s pretty much the same thing (status updates, sharing links, photos and what not), except that instead of sharing with everyone at once, Google reckons that not all friendships are created equal so you can decide to share with only certain groups of friends or ‘circles’. And they’ve throw in group messaging as well video chat.


So essentially you add people…dump them in certain groups like friends, family, gimps etc and you can then select which newsfeed you wanna only see or which group you wanna send photo’s to.

Very practical for those status updates you only want certain people to view. May very well solve the work vs play grey area that gets many people into the kak on a Monday. Instead of explaining to your boss why there are pics of you getting wasted over the weekend you can now create a “work circle” and a “real friends circle”. Your status update for the work circle can say …”Quiet weekend preparing next weeks stats reports” , while your ‘real friends’ update can say what your really did…… ” Whooop sh*tfaced and boned some random midget in the toilet. Good times“.

Google+ is currently only available by invite, but if you search you can see a black status bar at the top. An indication that things are soon gonna change.

Go check out more info and video at the Googleblog HERE.

June 06, 2011 at 5:03 am

Hey you just stole my last status update! … about the midget!

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