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‘Ek Joke Net’..a South African candid camera type film
Posted by on Jun 23rd, 2011

Ya hey..remember those epic Leon Schuster pranks he used to pull on the unsuspecting public? Well on Saturday a new South African made candid camera type film will hit cinema’s around the country.

Here’s the trailer for Ek Joke Net.

Ha..that scene with the Afrikaans tannie who owns the video shop getting woes with a non-white pirate dvd seller looks kak funny. Standard SA humour that the public laps up.

Not much else to go on, but it seems good for a few lags especially if you puff on the good stuff before going to watch it.


For more info about the cast and what not click HERE.

If you go watch it lemme know what it’s like.

Good times.

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