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Audi Rs5 in Cape Town?
Posted by on Oct 26th, 2010

Rarely do a car post on Life is Savage, but i saw an Audi Rs5 this morning (at least i think i did) in Green Point and let me tell you that thing looks mean. I know a couple of people who are lank excited side eyes to Charlie Brown and i can’t blame them actually.

Just look at this puppy.


Boner inducing that.

Not gonna do a whole write up about the car, because frankly i don’t care. The Audi Rs5 looks the business. It’s obviously gonna be compared to the BMW M3 or the Merc C63, but does it really matter? I’d take any of them if you offered and if you forced me to choose then i’m gonna go with the Audi thanks, coz i don’t wear gold chains.

0-100km/h in 4,6 seconds, top speed of 250km/h and it’s gonna retail at R907 540. Ya..that’s lank tom..nearly R300 000 more than in Europe (*note to SA Government..f**k you with these taxes).

But fear not because here comes the part where i tell you that today’s  SupeEna Lotto stands at $239 million..that’s R1.6 billion. You can by lots of Audi Rs5 with that. I’d like a black one thanks. Do it.


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