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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Party Tonight
Posted by on Oct 22nd, 2010

It’s Friday.

You don’t really wanna go to work, but you have to because people need you right? I understand.

But the day is just gonna drag on until somebody says: “you know what people…f**k it, let’s start drinking and go to the Sports Illustrated Party tonight.”

Be that person.


Now there’s something to look forward to hey. Look how happy she looks. And there will be whole bunch of other happy girls just like her tonight at The Fez & Vaudeville

They will be walking amoungst you. Actually floating because that’s how they do. If you didn’t already know that Candice Boucher was on the cover of this months SA Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue then here’s a quick little reminder of what you’ve been missing.


That’s just silly.

You can get tickets for the party HERE. You know the drill, so bring your A game.

“Take a shower, shiny shoes. You got no time to lose. You’re a young man. You must be living”.

See you there.

Good times.

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