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New Zealanders call P Divvy “an odd little man”
Posted by on Oct 12th, 2010

Retired All Black legend Richard Loe has called Springbok coach Peter de Villiers “an odd little man”.

Can’t see why the Kiwi’s are still picking on our dear coach hey. This after they showed their delight at P Divvy being reappointed as coach HERE. I mean why mock the best coach South Africa ever had..we should be proud and celebrate his greatness.

Like so.


Nothing odd there..let’s just move along shall we.

Here’s what Loe said:

“I was over in South Africa recently, at a Murray Mexted IRANZ coaching stint, and who should turn up one day but Springbok coach Peter de Villiers. Well, all I can say is … what an odd little man.

He just rubs people up the wrong way in a short space of time and, after he’d gone, one of the South African coaches there said to me in a thick Bok accent: “You see, Richard, what we have to put up with?” [NZ Herald]

Wonder who that coach was?

[thanks Jared]

martin van der walt says:
October 10, 2010 at 8:30 am

pieter de villiers is a pain in the backside. pity i cant use the words i want to cause then it will not be published. i am a south African and stay here against my will. if i had the money and was assured of a job in new Zealand i would have been there in a flash. south Africa has this big idea that we are the rugby ruling nation and everyone here has to support the idiot cause he is the boks coach. ask many south African rugby supporters or look at their cars and guess what do you see? big, no rather huge all black signs and stickers on windows of their cars and not to talk about the all black jerseys and tops. my opinion is pieter de villiers is a self centered ass who fell with his arse in the butter and now gets he feeding from a golden spoon by sa rugby. damn moron!!!

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