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Nelson Mandela’s new book: quick gripe about the cover
Posted by on Oct 11th, 2010

Nelson Mandela’s new book, Conversations with Myself launches tomorrow (12th October) in 22 countries and 20 languages. From the excerpts i’ve read and the media coverage, the book appears to be an unprecedented insight into the great man’s private life. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

I do have a bone to pick with the cover though.


Why did they feel it was neccessary to include the fact that Barack Obama wrote the foreword. Ok so he’s the President and what not, but this book is about Nelson Mandela and somehow that addition seems like they sold out.

Is Mandela not great enough to grace the cover of the book on his own. It is after all about him.

Make no mistake..i’m not complaining that Obama wrote the foreword, I just don’t see why they had to mention it on the cover. Next thing you know Oprah is gonna add it to her book club and it’s gonna come with a big sticker on it saying so. That would be kak.’s some of what Obama has to say about the icon:

“Underneath the history that has been made, there is a human being who chose hope over fear — progress over the prisons of the past,”

“And I am reminded that even as he has become a legend, to know the man … is to respect him even more.”


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