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“The Castle” voted film that most represents Australia
Posted by on Oct 6th, 2010

When you think of an Ozzie who comes to mind hey..Crocodile Dundee maybe..or what about Hugh Jackman in that Australia movie? Well according to a recent survey, neither actually.

Australians have taken a hard look at themselves in the mirror and have voted the star of “The Castle” as the film character that best represents who they are as a nation. Yes please!

Finally the Ozzies are on to something.


If you havn’t seen The Castle then do yourself a’s one of the funniest f**king cult movies of all time.

“Over one third of people (37 per cent) believe The Castle – the 1997 film about a working class Melbourne family’s fight to save their home – best represents the real Australia, according to a nationwide survey released today.” []

Here’s a quick little compilation from the movie that most accurately represents the Australian nation.

That is beautiful. You need to watch the whole thing. Kak funny.

What a proud nation the Australians are hey. In honour i’m singing Waltzing Matilda as i type this…if only i had a sheep running around.

Good times down under.

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