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Cape Town Legends: Niki the Viking
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2010

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and today seems like the perfect day to add a new category to Life is Savage so i’m gonna throw an interview your way every now and then, but not just any interview. We are hand picking individuals of Cape Town who make this city what it is, the people who are surrounded by the good times…the legends.

So get the ball rolling we have this little biscuit of deliciousness..may we  present to you Cape Town Legend, Niki The Viking.


Savage: so Niki, can you tell the folks what  you smell like?
Niki: chocolate and sex, nothing special.

S: if you could have one part of your body glow in the dark what would it be?
N: would be sick if my teeth could glow in the dark. Then I could compete with the Nigerians.

S: which mate of your’s looks the hottest in a Speedo?
N: Chad for sure, but his guns are lacking

S: heard you’re single, what should a lady say to you if she see’s you at a bar and what drink should she buy?
N: “is it true that you taste like chocolate” and i won’t say no to Tequila on ice.

S: If i gave you a donkey as a birthday present what would you do with it?
N: ill call him Ee-Aw and he will be my drunk donkey driver

S: pink or brown?
N: i dibble and dabble

S: what does the tattoo on your arm mean?
N: it’s Italian and means” in love”.  I lost a bunch of weight and i stopped fighting with myself and for the first time in my life i fell in love with my family.

S: if you had to choose, who would you bang? Donatella Versace or Karl Lagerfeld?
N: tough question hey [he thinks for a bit]. Donatella’s saggy tits or Lagerfeld’s gloves. I gotta know what’s under those gloves!

S: you get a free shout out..let’s hear it.
N: word to my brother Arri (Jesus), spliffimons, the Old Biscuit Mill, Caprice, saying the word “scrumptious” and of course Life is Savage.

S: throw some advice at the readers.
N: never run in the rain, walk and enjoy the big shower.

So there you have our very first Cape Town legend…and what a legend he is.

Good times.

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