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Google Image Search gets a new look
Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2010

Google has just launched it’s new Image Search which makes things slightly easier when you are searching for images hey.

Remember when in the old image search you typed in lets say “Cape Town“…you’ll get 10 thumbnail images for example with the details beneath like so:


Well thats all been eliminated. Here’s what you’ll get now if you type “Cape Town” into the new Google Image Search box.


To see it in action click HERE.

Google launched a new interface for Google Image Search which replaces pagination with infinite scrolling, hides the information about the results until you mouse over an image, shows bigger images and uses space more efficiently. When you click on a results, Google shows a larger thumbnail on top of the web page that included the image.” [googlesystem]

“Replaces pages with infinite scrolling”…you say. Mmmmmmmm?

Ha..busted. I know exactly what the first type of image you gonna go search for you little dirty bastard.

Good times.

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