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Tour De France cyclists now headbutt each other [PIC]
Posted by on Jul 16th, 2010

And just the other day i said they fight like girls HERE. Seems like they are taking it to the next level with a cheeky koppestamp.

An Ozzie cyclist, Mark Renshaw, was thrown out of the Tour De France for headbutting an opponent during the lead out to the sprint at the end of stage 11 today.

Why can’t we all just get along hey. Must you be so aggresive.


Someone call Bakkies Botha..these cyclists are trying to steal his mojo.

Good times.

Chad says:
July 07, 2010 at 5:16 am

A warning and a fine would have been enough punishment… Using your head and shoulders to get position in the lead-out is the norm in track racing. Using your head and shoulders in the sprint lead-out in any grand tour helps keep the entire peloton stay upright! The 2 retards that got into a fight at the finish line a few days ago each got $500 fine and still get to continue in the race that most of these cyclists spend 12 months dreaming about. Now I have another reason to hate the French! Boooo!!!

Mr Happy says:
July 07, 2010 at 5:16 am

I’m agreed with what Chad said… Ridiculous banning Renshaw… Even commentator legend Phil Leggett (spelling?) thought a fine and giving him the worst time for the stage would have sufficed… French love a bit of drama though… If Renshaw had done nothing, he would have been bullied off his line and Cavendish wouldn’t have had a chance… Tour de France organisers need to find a little common sense…

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