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Picking Up Stompies: 15/7/2010
Posted by on Jul 15th, 2010



What in the $%^* damn is John Daly wearing at the British Open press photo?? Tiger needs to give him tips on how to get some [huffpo]

Is Apple silently recalling the new iPhone 4 because of the reception issues?Hello?..Hello? there?? [dailymail]

Can someone just give Mel Gibson a handjob or something. Dude is stressed. A fourth tape has emerged. Insert heavy breathing here.  [youtube]

The Old Spice guy made 87 personalised youtube videos yesterday. Setting the benchmark for viral social marketing. Here’s how they did it [readwriteweb]

Japanese company buying Dimension Data for 2,12 billion pounds [timeslive]

Brazilian model with worlds biggest boobs has to undergo emergency operation. Size 38KKK. Video. [thesun]

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