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Taiwanese politicians fight like girls..
Posted by on Jul 9th, 2010

A massive brawl broke out in the Taiwanese parliament today.

It began with a disagreement over blah blah blah..then they started throwing notes and trash cans before the sh*t  hit the wok and everybody was kung-fu fighting……….( that is funny..i kill me when i’m drunk).


Ok, so they weren’t ninja’s, but its still kak funny to watch especially if you make karate noises and talk funny like they did in those old martial arts films.

Put your hand up if you would like to see that happen in the South African parliament.

My money is on Helen Zille.
She fights like the woman in this video.

Damn buddy, you just got front of the cops.

Good times.

July 07, 2010 at 1:41 am

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