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HISTORYPIN is your website of the day
Posted by on Jul 9th, 2010

Someone sent me this link and i think it’s a pretty sweet idea and one of you  readers have the opportunity to be the first person from Cape Town to post a decent picture.

Historypin is like a digital timemachine using Google maps and lets you see what a place you are familiar with today looked like in the past..up to 100 plus years ago infact.

You take a picture of a particular place and if you or anyone else has an older one taken 50 years ago(or anytime in the past) they can overlap it to see what it looked like back so.


The site is still in Beta testing , but i went to check Cape Town anyway. Currently there are 7 photo’s, but they are useless.

We can do better people.


10 brownie points for any Life is Savage reader who submits a current picture of the Camps Bay strip and one of what it looked like 100 years ago.

Great idea i a user submitted digital record of what your world used to look like.

Good times

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