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“Outrageous”…SA’s first stand up comedy film
Posted by on Mar 31st, 2010

Apparently the comedians are not shy with using the f**k word so i’m curious to see how this one pans out hey.

Its being billed as South Africa’s first stand up comedy film and its hosted by John Vlismas while being produced by Anant Singh.

Looks like they are aiming for a “Kings of Comedy” effort.


“Like nothing you have seen before” is a tad bit spiced up hey chaps…

There are a whole bunch of comedians you will no doubt recognise, like Barry Hilton, Joey Rasdien, Mark Banks etc..

outrageous actors

The webite HERE has video footage and the trailer..which i didn’t watch (its the end of the month and my data is running low), but you should..let me know if they drop the f-bomb.

Pity Cokey Falcow isn’t in this movie, but lets give it the benefit of the doubt shall we.

Good times.

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