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Nando’s takes a swing at Jacob Zuma in new ad.[VIDEO]
Posted by on Mar 24th, 2010

Nando’s ads are getting more and more ballsy and this one takes quite a clear shot at South African president Jacob Zuma and they may even have pissed off fifa in the process…as well as every feminist in the country.

The new “Wives” commercial reckons that overseas visitors are under the impression all SA men have more than one wife.

In terms of funny that ad probably rates in the region of kak.

Guess they are going with controversy instead hey ladies? Did you enjoy how that chap was ordering around the women moving his couch. Not likely.


The chirp at the end about visitors arriving in June may also get the attention of overly sensitive fifa. Especially since they dont want you to see this Kulula ad HERE.

What do YOU think of the new Nando’s ad?

[thanks Brennan]

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