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Why you should maybe join Twitter
Posted by on Mar 9th, 2010

I’m new to this Twitter thing. Just recently joined (HERE) and i’m having problems deciding who to follow.

I initially thought it was a great idea following CNN, but i’m having my doubts since more often than not they post things like :

“WWII-era plane crashes near Florida coast”.

Thanks for that, but we are looking for something a little more substantial hey.

Then someone sent me this.


That’s what Brooklyn Decker tweeted (  two days ago from her shoot in St Barts for Glamour Magazine with Alessandra Ambrosio and Crystal Renn.

She just forgot to say @lifeissavage, but i’m ok with that. Next time chicken.

If you are on Twitter then be a pal and add me. Just click on the icon below.

LifeisSavage on Twitter

I won’t stalk you…. promise.

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