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Who’s that girl?? FHM Model 2010 winner
Posted by on Mar 3rd, 2010

Ok..we are being a little sneaky here because today’s “who’s that girl??” is a South African (she studied in Cape Town if that counts) and she just recently won the FHM Model 2010 competition…like yesterday.

I was gonna give you someone else , but then i woulda had to do a post on this one as well and that would be a little too much skin for one day hey.

Here’s the 2010 FHM Models winner making you see double.


You turned your head to the left didn’t you.

Send it to someone in your office that’s in your line of sight….watch they will do the same. Standard procedure really.

That’s Charne Jade Slee and her carpet…(pun pun pun).

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