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Dubai mall aquarium cracks, people kak themselves.
Posted by on Feb 26th, 2010

Ok its not as bad as i initially thought though.

When i first heard the story i was imagining the glass shattering  and tons of water and crabs and fish and sharks  flopping around on the floor with an octopus sucking on a guys face and jellyfish stinging people…and ..ya well you get my drift.

Turns out its was an itty bitty crack that made people kak themselves.


I won’t lie…if i saw that sh*t happening, im out sonny.

10 million gallons of sea water is not good times.

Reminds me of that scene in Men in Black 2. F*ck i just watched it again and i swear i laughed so hard. Do yourself a favour and watch this.


Flush me Jay, flush me. Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahahaha.

(Chad i know you laughing!)

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