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Study proves beer is good for your bones.
Posted by on Feb 10th, 2010

A Californian study has found that beer may be good for your bones in preventing osteoporosis.

Not for this guy though.


Bwwwaaahhhaaha. Thats what happens when you drink TOO much beer. His neck bone is gonna be kak sore.

Where was i again..oh yes.

“Researchers from the Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of California, have found beer is a rich source of silicon and may help prevent osteoporosis, as dietary silicon is a key ingredient for increasing bone mineral density.

These were the findings after researchers tested 100 commercial beers for silicon content and categorised the data according to beer style and source.” [Times LIVE]

Now go drink some beer, lots of beer…from Keg King..your bones will end up like Wolverines.



Good times.

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