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Pete Doherty booed for singing Nazi Anthem
Posted by on Dec 1st, 2009

Ya well what did you expect from a crack ass.

Pete Doherty was booed off stage in Munich for singing :

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles.”

That sh*t doesn’t go down well in Germany anymore and Crackerty was asked to leave the stage after 5 songs by an official. He threw his microphone at her and a radio broadcast of his performance was cancelled.


“The national anthem has been used since 1922 but its first verse – with the refrain “Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles” – was dropped after World War Two due its Nazi overtones.
Since 1952, the third stanza has been used – ‘Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit’ or ‘unity and justice and freedom’.”

Its right at the end( 2.50 i think) so just fast forward. Dont blame me..the dude posted the video like that on Youtube.

Be sure to listen up for the woman in the audience shouting” F*ck you…f*ck you”. Its funny.


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