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Marisa Miller and the $3 Million Bra
Posted by on Oct 29th, 2009

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show smacks us in the face on December the 1st (CBS Television Network,10pm) and in the mean time the good folks at the Secret have stuck Marisa Miller in a $3 Million Harlequin Fantasy Bra just so you get a taste of what they will be throwing around the room.


” The Harlequin Fantasy Bra designed by Damiani for Victoria’s Secret is a masterpiece that exemplifies the exquisite design and craftsmanship for which the 85 year-old Italian jewelry house is known. There was an incredible amount of planning and design work that went into creating this dazzling piece of fashion meets jewelry. The team of fifteen highly skilled. experienced artisans worked over 800 hours in the Damiani workshop.After the bra frame was assembled, it was then embellished with 2,355 white and cognac diamonds -set by hand, each one at a time, for a total of nearly 150 carats. The spectacular accent of the piece is a rare 16 carat heart-shaped diamond, in a rather unique champagne color.“[LA-Story]


Here’s Marisa showing you exactly what the deal is.



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