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Eugene Terreblanche wants to lead the Afrikaner 'volk' again
Posted by on Oct 12th, 2009

*sounds of crickets chirping*



*still sounds of crickets chirping..and maybe a donkey in the background*

Self-appointed leader of the Afrikaans nation, Eugene Terreblanche has resurfaced after his jail term to tell a group of 300 Afrikaaners the following:

“Arms outstretched, his deep voice resonating around the town hall, the white-bearded speaker summoned the Afrikaner “volk” to battle, with rousing words from the past. “Now is not the time to be afraid,” he shouted, to grumblings of approval from the audience of burly, khaki-clad farmers, their wives and children. “Now all true Afrikaners must reach out to each other and fight to the bitter end.”[Times Online]

 Sorry..did you hear something. Thought so. Just the wind. Right lets move along shall we.

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