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The Hoff wets his bed this time.
Posted by on Oct 9th, 2009

He keeps this up we will have to induct him into the Life is Savage hall of fame.

 The Sun (yes..yes..i know) has reported that David Hasselhoff has taken his booze loving overseas and went on a bender at Simon Cowell’s birthday in London. He upped the ante this time though by wetting his bed and punching a doctor. Atta boy.


Here’s what the Sun had to say:

“On this occasion he became so drunk he wet his hotel bed – ruining two mattresses – and was becoming a real pain for staff. His assistant Joe Townley was so concerned he called out a doctor. David was furious and lashed out at him – but mistakenly hit the doctor. They decided they had no option but to lock him in the basement until an ambulance arrived.”[MORE HERE]

Good times.

Still a legend in Germany though.

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