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BBC opens awesome online zoo
Posted by on Sep 30th, 2009

When i was a kid (last year) going to the zoo was like the best thing ever, but then you grow up you realise that those poor animals are stuck in those tiny cages. Not cool.

Now you can pretend to be David Attenborough and creep through the jungle right there in your own living room (or at a cafe that has free internets) because the BBC has created the worlds biggest online zoo.

“The  BBC’s Wildlife Finder is the product of years of planning – and dreaming. Technology and funding have finally made possible the corporation’s ambition to give its spectacular natural history photography and film a permanent global audience.The databank of clips and still pictures will be reinforced on a daily basis. BBC staff are combing through hundreds of wildlife programmes, from spectaculars such as Planet Earth to regional TV news items, to create an unprecedented collection.“[GUARDIAN]



Pretty nifty idea hey? Its like a youtube but only for animals..they even have a slowmo feature. Nice

Take the jump..BBC Wildlife Finder

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