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Baz the Alien..has his baby in Mexico!
Posted by on Aug 27th, 2009

I still dont believe that this masterpiece of a picture exists..i had to rub my eyes and squint because its so incredibly savage  in its content..

Its even better than the Caprice brownie im eating right now.How often does a single photograph come along that ties in so many magical stories.

"i love you MJ..i give you my babeh"

"i love you MJ..i give you my babeh"

We reported last week that Baz the Alien may be pregnant (here) and is this conclusive proof that he has given birth? He is holding what appears to be a baby( check out his handling skills..called the beer hold) covered in a blanket..or a dish rag..i cant tell.

This picture was apperently taken in Mexico ( makes sense since they just made drugs for personal use here) and Baz tried his best to blend in but simply couldn’t contain his joy at finding out that MJ was not dead but partying up a birthday party.

And just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore..look closer my friends.. a US Marine (who secretly works at Puma..ok so its not a secret anymore) was also there ..right between the two of them.. eh!!! How savage  is his camo?

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