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Britain sells anti-stab knives!!
Posted by on Jun 21st, 2009

Earlier this week the Brits were seeking safer regulations at schools that included footballs being banned from the playground in case of injury; a ban on running in the playground; having to wear goggles if using Blu-Tack; a ban on egg boxes being used in class due to the potential risk of Salmonella poisoning; wet grass stopping PE lessons; banning the three-legged race at sports day because it is dangerous.No wonder they suck at rugby..

The poms are at it again and are selling new anti-stab knives that will set you back between 40 and 50 fifty pounds.The knives are designed to work as normal in the kitchen but to be ineffective as a weapon.It has a rounded edge instead of a point and will snag on clothing and skin to make it more difficult to stab someone.WHAT!??that sounds worse dammit!Hahahahahahahah…!You cant be stabbed with a meat cleaver either but that doesnt mean it wont cut your #$%$^&% head off!

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