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Girl falls asleep ..wakes up with 56 stars tattooed on face
Posted by on Jun 18th, 2009

What the hell did she expect?18 year old Kimberley Vlaminck from Belgium decided she wants to be the cool kid on the block and headed out to get a tattoo.She claims she wanted three stars and is now sueing the tattoo artist because she fell asleep and woke up  looking like a Vincent Van Gogh painting.

tattoo girl

She is claiming 10k sterling for laser removal of the stars and the artist(Rouslan Toumaniantz) has agreed to pay half but he is adamant that she asked for 56.Sad story you might think..until you take a look at the the guy who inked her..who in their right mind goes to a guy looking like this and then falls asleep?????????


I recon there is something fishy bout this story…from both sides..get a lie-detector test going and lets see who’s lying.At least the girl can say she didnt want her 56 stars..unlike these poor sods i dug up who actually CHOSE to have their faces decorated like a tool :)


Carol says:
June 06, 2009 at 8:39 am

She got the stars like an idiot, then went home and her family went on insane mode. She then freaked and passed the blame on the scary guy…who by all means is a tattoo artist, not a joker.

She’s a headcase if you ask me and i don’t believe a bit of a her story because, NOBODY can fall asleep under the pain of a tattooed nose.

I live in Belgium,by the way.

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