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Chelsea's 73 million pound bid for Kaka!! what??
Posted by on Jun 4th, 2009

AC Milan playmaker Kaka ( you have to love his name..come now..just because he is a famous football player doesnt mean his name is not shitty…actually it is but you know what i mean) is reportedly in negotiations with Real Madrid for 56 million pounds but reports are coming in that Chelsea has bid 73 million for the player.Milan CEO Galliani said however that :”An agreement with Chelsea could not exist. Kaka goes to Real or he remains at Milan.”That said the question must be raised then as to why the deal has not been sealed with Real Madrid then?Are they stalling for more money and if so then why not just send him to Man City who offered 100 million previously?Are they just creating media hype to sell more papers? Its understandable that he wants to go to a winning team so why not Chelsea…new coach and former Milan coach Ancelotti would surely love to have him.Either way ..which ever club he choses it will end up as the most expensive football deal in history.Who would thought that you could charge 50 plus million pounds for poo :)


June 06, 2009 at 5:16 pm

[…] Madrid.The bid has easily smashed the previous record of 56 million which Real Madrid payed for Kaka earlier this week.Manchester United has stated that all paper work will be completed by the end of […]

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