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Epic walk around Lions Head today..
Posted by on Jun 2nd, 2009

Wow..what a day…decided on my way back from the gym that the lady and i would go for  a little stroll around the city.Turns out we walked from St John’s road in Sea Point down the main road..(quick stop at Giovanni’s.. i love it there, great selection of imported foods.. a veritable hub of activity that attracts businessmen,social butterflies and models alike and if you ever go to there .. order the sweet chilli and avacado pita..its not on the menu but it is magic.Be sure to ask this lady to make it for you..she is a legend.)

31.05.2009 002

From Giovanni’s we walked down Somerset Road till we hit Long Street.Trekked all the way up till we hit Kloof Street and then smashed the walk up Bellevue ..then hit the top of the neck before we snaked our way down 31.05.2009 018Geneva Drive to Caprice for my favourite burger…the one and only Dreamy from Caprice still going at the 2 for 1 special.Nice.Jordan even let me use his laptop for a quick peek to see how  far we’d walked already.Cheers J and please tell my favourite waitress that she only charged us for the burger..but we had drinks as well..will settle up next time.While there i noticed that  my volleyball trophy is still behind the bar… mmmm good 31.05.2009 014memories..who can ever forget Team Puma destroying all the opposition!Once i’d polished off the dreamy we headed back home along Victoria Road in the pouring rain..wet jean pant are not cool..and then on top of that i needed to number 2 desperately.Went into the Ambassador hotel toilets but it was occupied..what!!????..typical..managed to hold it till we reached the Spar and thankfully negotiated the release of the chocholate hostages in some really clean bathrooms near the Vida e…much lighter on my feet we walked the final stretch home in no time..soaked ..but stoked that we managed a circumnavigation of Signal Hill and Lions Head in the rain..a total of 15 km..not too shabby.

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