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Whales stranded on Cape Town beach..
Posted by on May 31st, 2009

Scientists are still at a loss to explain why 55 pilot whales stranded themselves on Kommetjie beach in Cape Town ,South Africa.The event occured early saturday morning and National Sea Rescue Institute officials along with volunteers helped to try and return the massive animals to the ocean.Twenty were saved but according to one of the rescuers :”we have tried everything, but they just make a U-turn and keep rebeaching themselves”.What an unfortunate event..scientist are still at a loss as to why whales lose their direction and end up stranded on a beach somewhere.Im pretty sure it has plenty to do with the arrival and proliferation of us humans..big props to those people who braved the cold weather to volunteer in the rescue attempt.whales55

On a more light hearted note i was recently informed by my secret source on the scene that although many whales were lost it seems that of the ones that were rescued there were four who refused to return to the ocean.The four were said to be in a  jolly mood and were last seen asking directions to the nearest Mcdonalds :)


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