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Smack that akon..
Posted by on May 24th, 2009

After finishing bottom of the table in last years IPL cricket tournament , the Deccan Chargers have won by six runs to end champions of this years event held in South Africa.The event was moved from India to South Africa for security reasons and CNN recently commented on what a sterling job SA did on such short notice.Great cricket,awesome atmosphere ,Bollywood glitz and glamour..and then we end it with a closing ceremony that had cringe and embarrassment written all over it.What the hell was Akon doing???????? He just stood on the stage while his “smack that” song was playing  over the speaker system.Trying to cover up his lip syncing stuff-up he boldly asked “are we live now?” and then unconvincingly lip synced the same song immediately after???? He then proceeded to serenade the newly crowned Miss Bollywood IPL ,Dune Kossatz, and after an uncomfortable looking dance, the creator behind the tournament Lalit Modi had to make  a speech (or rather shout )over a terrible sound system which he promptly abandoned midway through.There were also some 50 people playing drums(with sunglasses on) and some indian instruments and it was also clearly pre-recorded..why???? How could the organisers( apparently the same people who are gonna run the show for the 2010 World Cup Soccer) end a great cricket tournament so poorly??? why was the prize giving ceremony at the end??..and i wont even comment on the guy swinging in a flesh coloured leotard.(please send picture!)


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