• There’s a new Dove ad out about mothers and daughters and it might hit you right in the feels [video]
    Posted by on Oct 1st, 2014

    Ya hey…i said in my previous post that today is normally bro day on Life is Savage so this may seem rather out of place, but there is a new Dove ad out and it might hit you right in the feels. Especially if you’re a mother and have a young daughter. Remember those Dove ‘real beauty’ ads that did the rounds, well this new one, Dove Legacy,  is similar and focuses on self-esteem and how mothers feel about their beauty and the way it influences their daughters perceptions.

    They asked several moms to write down a list of what they like and dislike about the way they look then did the same with the daughters and filmed the reactions.

    “I like my face, because it is smiley”…loved that part.

    Ok so much for bro day. My sh*t is all emotional now.

    Well played Dove.

    I will hand in my man-card till further notice.

    [thanks Phoebe]

    Liam Neesen is back in Taken 3 and he’s angry…again [trailer]
    Posted by on Oct 1st, 2014

    It’s Wednesday, traditionally bro day on Life is Savage, and i couldn’t think of a better way to kick things off than with Liam Neeson kicking ass and taking names as Brian Mills in the upcoming Taken 3. As with the first two films…Neeson is all about looking after his family and when his ex-wife is murdered he’s forced to exact his unique brand of justice. Basically f**k errbody up.

    Dude is angry. Well wouldn’t you be if they tried kee trying to take your daughter…again again again.

    F**k yeah. Kick his ass seabass.

    Dude is a man machine.

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