• Here’s a compilation of a bunch of people passing out on live TV [video]
    Posted by on Jul 25th, 2014

    I have no idea why watching people pass out is funny, but it just is.

    Even more so when it’s on live television.

    I feel bad for laughing, but i can’t help it!

    Zuma’s daughter gets top government job and Telkom CEO involved in number plate scandal
    Posted by on Jul 25th, 2014

    And in other dodgy government and corruption news, President Zuma’s daughter has landed a top government job and the CEO of Telkom is involved in a car licence plate cloning scandal where he has allegedly been bust red handed driving his car with someone elses number plate and racking up R30 000 in fines.

    First up though let’s have a little look at some presidential level nepotism where Jacob Zuma’s 25 yr old daughter has controversially landed a top job as chief of staff at the department of telecommunications and postal services…she was previously a public liason officer, but now makes R1 million a year.

    top govt job

    Smiles all round.

    “Thuthukile Zuma went from a lowly public liason officer with a Bachelor of Arts degree and an honours degree in anthropology to the powerful post of chief of staff at department of telecommunications and postal services, the Mail & Guardian reported.

    She earns almost R1m a year, suggesting that a person in her position need at least a few years’ experience.” [News24]

    Side eyes.

    And as for the Telkom CEO, Sipho Maseko, he’s also coming under scrutiny for being at the centre of a car number plate scandal. A businessman was wondering why his car kept getting traffic fines and it turns out the Telkom CEO was allegedly using his number plate and racked up R30 000 in fines.

    Gets even more dodge

    “It was a chance in a million meeting on a Pretoria freeway that led to businessman Mabena Motshoane driving behind a vehicle using his licence plates.

    Motshoane had become used to checking out every black Range Rover he came across because, over the past few months, he had received a number of traffic fines, adding up to about R30 000, for offences allegedly involving his car.”

    Maseko is “also accused of getting City of Johannesburg manager Trevor Fowler to call off the city’s metro police department when officers went to his house in Houghton to check on the licence plates, but Maseko wouldn’t allow them in. ” [iol]


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