• Your weekend instructions #70 [pic]
    Posted by on Oct 24th, 2014

    Been ages since i gave you readers some weekend instructions and many of you newer folks will have no clue what i’m on about, but back in the day i used to post some intructions every Friday for you to think about over the weekend. It normally came with an amusing picture to get the message across visually.

    Anyways..this weekend i want you to to just accept that some things are out of your control and you must just go with it. Whether it be work related or in your personal life. The sooner you acknowledge that there is nothing you could have done the sooner you’ll move past it.

    Because sometimes sh*t just happens.

    Have a great weekend folks.

    Daddy loves you.

    KFC now making a breadless double down burger with a beef patty inbetween [pic]
    Posted by on Oct 24th, 2014

    KFC in South Korea are taking the low carb high fat diet to the next level by introducing the breadless Double Down King burger, a beef patty sandwiched between two chicken pieces..oh and they threw in a piece of bacon as well.

    double down king

    Whole lot of regret right there.

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