Daddy Digs It: the BROpener..turn anything into a bottle opener

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Couple of weeks back i started a new category on Life is Savage called Daddy Digs It and as i previously put it…it covers the simple things that i’d dig to have and that i think will make your sh*t look cool. Something to show your mates or people in your office that will make them wish they got it first. Stuff that will make you more awesome and well…not a douchebag.

And i swear this is something daddy wants badly…and any self-respecting guy will want as well. It will make you manly andawesome and rad all at the same time. It is glorious and you’re gonna kick yourself for not thinking of this first.

Behold..i give you the BROpener…turn any surface into a bottle opener.

I want one.

Somebody get me one. Seriously.