CT singer Matthew Mole wins the 2012 Converse #Play100Club contest

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A while back i told you that the legendary 100 Club in London along with Converse were looking for exceptional musical talent in South Africa. They ran a contest via Facebook and asked unsigned artists to submit videos of themselves singing and of the 138 entries recieved, the judges narrowed it down to the final 10 and earlier today the winner was announced as Cape Town singer Matthew Mole.

For winning the contest, Matthew will get the opportunity to perform live at London’s iconic 100 Club…a venue that has been hosting some of the most influential artists in the world since  1942.

And why did Matthew win..well just listen to our boy sing. This was the video he used in his entry.

Hey..how’s that voice. Expect big things from this chap.

Great stuff Matt…well deserved.