Best pics of the hail in Cape Town and Sea Point on 2 June 2013 [pics + video]

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So i completely missed the epic hailstorm in Cape Town earlier today, but there is no shortage of pics on social media sites and i think the hipsters broke Instagram with the all the ‘snow’ pics.

Here’s a few of the best ones i could find of what Cape Town looked like after the hail storm on 2nd June 2013.






Nicely done Cape Town. My bad if those aren’t the original people who took the images. Plenty folks posting pics and claiming it as their own, but i tried to find the original source.

And here’s a video of the hail on the ground after the storm on Beach Road in Sea Point.

Pity i missed it.

Looked like it was awesome. Now if it wold just snow for real on the ground in Cape Town so everyone can proper lose their sh*t.