And the winner of COSMO Sexiest Man in SA 2012 is.......


Not me unfortunately…or maybe fortunately considering my spectacular cringe worthy mumbling mess of an answer on stage.

The Cosmopolitan Sexiest Man in SA for 2012 is singer Bobby van Jaarsveld.

Ya..that’s Bobby in the middle there….i’m somewhere to the right hiding out of shot trying to recover from answering my question like a spaz. My nervous ass got stage fright and the words came out of my mouth in reverse order and upside down. I reckon my mistake was to focus on people in the crowd and picture them naked and then i thought i saw Oprah.

From now on I’m never making fun of beauty pageant contestants who f**k up their questions. Think i should just stick to blogging hey.

Was great fun though. The folks at Cosmopolitan SA did an outstanding job and put on a great show. And thanks to Diesel Jeans for dressing me, but most importantly though thanks to all of you who came out to support me and those of you who love me even though i’m a gigantic dork:) Daddy loves you.

Congrats to Bobby and all the other contestants.