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Tag: website of the day
Website Of The Day: Who needs money, beautiful people travel free! [pic]
Posted by on Apr 26th, 2012

Wanna travel and see the the world for free? No problem….there’s a website for you my little gold digger whore person. Miss Travel is a new website that matches ‘Generous travelers who hate to travel… Read More »

End of The World prophet spotted in Cape Town [video]
Posted by on Oct 20th, 2011

So Harold Camping’s prediction that the world would end in May earlier this year didn’t exactly play out as he expected, but he did some calculations (using the complex make sh*t up method) and rescheduled… Read More »

Dear gentleman blow-drying your balls in the gym changing room [letter]
Posted by on Jun 7th, 2011

I wonder how many of you clicked on this article thinking it was about the changing room at the Virgin Active in Green Point! Unfortunately it’s not, but it could totally be be from somebody… Read More »

Website of the Day: Sh*t My Students Write
Posted by on May 10th, 2011

It’s a slow ass day on the interwebs…so i’m gonna throw this website at you while i look for some other childish humour to make your day at work easier. Remember that Twitter account  a while… Read More »

Pimp yourself out at in Cape Town?!
Posted by on Apr 14th, 2011

Ok, so i stumbled across this website and naturally i must share it with you because us lazy ass broke peoples need to watch each other’s backs and spread the word whenever we find an… Read More »

You lie website…you lie! Meet these people on your holiday?!
Posted by on Mar 11th, 2011

How’s this website hey. Can’t fault the logic and its a pretty decent concept, but their advertising well… i call bullsh*t you liars. See in this day and age of social media it makes sense… Read More »

We Love/ is your South African website of the week
Posted by on Nov 23rd, 2010

It’s obvious that Life is Savage loves Cape Town and when a locally made website comes along that provides users with inside info about this great city then i can’t but help give it a solid… Read More »

Guy With Camera is your website of the day
Posted by on Oct 19th, 2010

It’s not often that a blog will impress the hell out of me, but this morning i was running through my Twitter feed (yes i’m finally using it @lifeissavage) and stumbled across a user called Andrew Brauteseth who… Read More »

Useless, but clever website of the day
Posted by on Oct 10th, 2010

This website is so useless and yet it may just be genius in it’s simplicity. I’ve been back at least 10 times since i started writing this post. is a website that has only… Read More » is the website of the week
Posted by on Sep 8th, 2010

Every now and then a website comes along that gets the nod of approval from Life is Savage and has me wondering why the hell i never heard of it before…especially with a name like… Read More »