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Tag: weather
100 km/h winds and 8 m swell expected in Cape Town tomorrow [pic]
Posted by on Apr 21st, 2016

If ever there was a day to exclaim ‘winter is coming’ in Cape Town then today would be pretty good day to do so because the weather for tomorrow is off the charts. It’s no… Read More »

Weather forecast predicting 11 cm of snow for Table Mountain on Friday night [pic]
Posted by on Jul 1st, 2014

It’s going to be cold in Cape Town this weekend…like javelin-nipples cold. So cold that a mountain weather forecast website has predicted 11 cm of snow on Table Mountain for Friday night. If you’ve ever… Read More »

The weather in Cape Town this weekend – heat wave warning [pic]
Posted by on Feb 12th, 2014

I’ve been saying for years now that the old Spring-starts-on-1st-September in SA is a load of crap. Tourists and our croc-wearing, low v necked visitors from Joburg complained that December in Cape Town was rainy… Read More »

Have look at the weather forecast for Cape Town in December [pic]
Posted by on Nov 29th, 2013

If you read my previous post then you will know that Cape Town has been named as the Best City for 2013 by Britain’s biggest travel survey HERE and one of the reasons is no… Read More »

Super typhoon Haiyan dubbed the strongest storm in history hits the Phillipines [pics]
Posted by on Nov 8th, 2013

Ya that headline is rather dramatic, but meteorologists are calling tropical storm Haiyan definitely the strongest storm in the last three decades and a few have boldly gone on to say it’s the strongest in… Read More »

Here’s what the weather in Montreal is like for the next 14 days [pic]
Posted by on Jul 18th, 2013

Ok so my bad about the lack of posts on Life is Savage the last few days…i was on a 26 hour flight and also my dumb ass forgot that i needed a different laptop… Read More »

The Cape Town weather for the next 7 days – winter she is here [pic]
Posted by on May 27th, 2013

Ya hey…i think summer in Cape Town has finally called it quits and winter has decided that it’s about time javelin nipples and minced hair take over. Summer had a great run though and up… Read More »

The weather in Cape Town this week…shut your mouth about winter is coming [pic]
Posted by on Apr 22nd, 2013

Ya hey…had two rather miserable days last week in Cape Town with flooding and what not, leading people to exclaim that the days of summer  sunshine are finally gone and that winter is coming. To… Read More »

Summer is officially here in Cape Town…just look at this 7 day forecast [pic]
Posted by on Nov 2nd, 2012

Been waiting to make a definitive announcement that summer has officially arrived in Cape Town and given the forecast for the next week i think we can safely say that it’s go time. Today marks… Read More »

Brace yourself…this Cape Town storm is gonna hit today [satellite pic]
Posted by on Aug 14th, 2012

Cape Town took a hammering over the weekend with high winds and heavy rains and it seems yesterday’s brief sunshine was just that…brief.  Winter is not done yet and mother nature is about to unleash… Read More »