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    Self-braking demo fails badly as Volvo hits volunteer [video]
    Posted by on May 27th, 2015

    Cars are getting smarter by the day and we’ve already got self-parking cars, in-car internet, automatic switch off/on at traffic lights and even self-driving cars. There’s also auto-braking where cars automatically stop when they detect… Read More »

    KFC staff in SA filmed sharpening knives on pavement [video]
    Posted by on May 26th, 2015

    A few weeks ago a KFC franchise in South Africa made headlines after someone filmed staff cleaning raw chicken with a hosepipe on the concrete outside HERE. And this week we have more unconventional KFC… Read More »

    This guy broke the record for longest hoverboard flight [video]
    Posted by on May 26th, 2015

    There’s no doubt that a time will come where we are all zipping around on hoverboards like Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future, but we are still some way off seeing them on shelves.… Read More »

    Friday music post: The Chainsmokers – Good Intentions [video]
    Posted by on May 22nd, 2015

    The Friday morning music post is a little different to the usual stuff in that it was just released a week ago. It’s no secret that i’m a fan of old school music and modern… Read More »

    US hunter paid R4.1 million to kill a black rhino in Southern Africa [pic + video]
    Posted by on May 21st, 2015

    A hunter from Texas has controversially killed a black rhino that he bid R4.1 million for. Corey Knowlton made headlines in January 2014 when he bid $350 000 for the permit to shoot the critically… Read More »

    People keep recording these crazy trumpet sounds coming from the sky [video]
    Posted by on May 19th, 2015

    Your conspiracy news for the day comes courtesy of really loud trumpet sounds coming from the sky from places all around the world with the latest incident happening in Germany and two weeks ago in… Read More »

    The Lion’s Head porno [pic + NSFW video]
    Posted by on May 18th, 2015

    Sorry for the lack of posts today, but website was having some backend work done. Speaking of backend work…you will most probably have seen pics doing the rounds on social media of a couple banging… Read More »

    This video of a SA guy who filmed his sick Great Dane puppy everyday has gone viral
    Posted by on May 15th, 2015

    You’ve seen the video of the Great Dane puppy that did the rounds on social media sites right? The one that was rescued from backyard breeders and whose owner didn’t know how long she would… Read More »

    The FAIL compilation for April 2015 is here [video]
    Posted by on May 14th, 2015

    I was rather busy tyesterday and was meaning to post the monthl fail compilation so here it is today. As i mentioned before the usual compilations by Twisternederland have stopped so trying out some other… Read More »

    This drone footage of Afrikaburn 2015 is amazing [video]
    Posted by on May 13th, 2015

    I have never been to Afrikaburn, but watching this video made me wanna go next year. I’ve gone through several photo galleries and heard dozens of people say how amazing Afrikaburn 2015 was and this… Read More »