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    The 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl ad with a puppy and a horse will make you melt..again [video]
    Posted by on Jan 29th, 2015

    It’s nearly Super Bowl time  in the US and major brands are already throwing out their ads for the most watched sporting event on the planet. Super Bowl commercials cost an absurd amout of money,… Read More »

    Man killed at Engen garage was himself out on bail for murder
    Posted by on Jan 28th, 2015

    Been watching this closely over the past week and right from the start i said there was more to the story than meets the eye. If you havn’t been following then basically a 23 year… Read More »

    Here’s some guys in Plett putting a baby Great White back in the water [video]
    Posted by on Jan 27th, 2015

    Mandatory wildlife video of the week comes from Plettenberg Bay where a guy filmed fishermen rescue a baby Great White shark after it was accidently caught. Lars Liedberg was having breakfast at the Lookout Deck… Read More »

    Meanwhile…here’s Helen Zille casually directing traffic outside her house in Cape Town [video]
    Posted by on Jan 26th, 2015

    Let it not be said that premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille, doesn’t serve her community hey. We all know how capable she is as a politician, but on Saturday she was spotted casually… Read More »

    Footage of SAPS officer participating in Soweto looting [video]
    Posted by on Jan 23rd, 2015

    Last week i posted a story about how useless members of the South African police force were when they failed to show up at a Tokai jewellery store even after they were told when and… Read More »

    Here’s another Best Fails of 2014 compilation [video]
    Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2015

    Many of you readers who love the fail compilations will know that my go to videos come from Twisternederland, but they are not always reliable when it comes to post one every month. They have… Read More »

    Calmest dude ever films a speeding 18 wheeler truck almost crash into him [video]
    Posted by on Jan 20th, 2015

    There’s staying calm under pressure and then there’s this oke who didn’t even bat an eyelid or let out the slightest whimper when a speeding 18 wheeler truck came skidding toward his stationary car and… Read More »

    Watch AB de Villiers set the new world record for fastest ODI century [video]
    Posted by on Jan 19th, 2015

    If you were one of the few who didn’t manage to catch the second ODI cricket match between South Africa and the West Indies then you missed out on probably the greatest innings in one… Read More »

    Get Hard, Will Ferrell’s new movie with Kevin Hart looks kak funny [trailer]
    Posted by on Jan 16th, 2015

    It’s no secret that i’m a huge Will Ferrell fan with Old School being one of my favourite films of all time so whenever he’s about to release a new movie you know i’m gonna… Read More »

    Maroon 5 crash real weddings for their music video…will make you smile
    Posted by on Jan 16th, 2015

    The Friday morning music post is a tad different today and for a change it’s not a live version. Instead it’s less about the music and more about the video. Maroon 5 recently released the… Read More »