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    US Airways posts THE most offensive brand tweet of all time [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 15th, 2014

    If you missed it last night then please put your coffee down and behold quite likely the most offensive brand tweet of all time. As far as social media fails go this will go down… Read More »

    Agang SA is taking shots at other political parties on Twitter with memes now [pic]
    Posted by on Apr 1st, 2014

    It’s election time in SA and obviously the various political parties are busy campaigning and jostling for votes. Given the nature of politics there is the obvious attempts to shame and discredit each other, but… Read More »

    Nobody saw Liza Minnelli at the back of the Ellen Degeneres Oscar selfie [pic]
    Posted by on Mar 4th, 2014

    Ellen Degeneres practically broke social media at the 2014 Oscars when her selfie with several other Hollywood stars became the most retweeted tweet of all time. The image included Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Merryl Sreep… Read More »

    Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 23/12/2013
    Posted by on Dec 23rd, 2013

    Justine Sacco, a US executive for a major media company, caused mass outrage with her tweet about Africa. Here’s the full story from the reaction to her tweet to her landing in Cape Town, getting… Read More »

    US hunter, Melissa Bachman, sparks outrage after killing a lion in SA [pic]
    Posted by on Nov 15th, 2013

    Ok so i was wondering what all the drama was about people petitioning to ban US Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachman from South Africa, but it turns out i had her confused with an American hunter,… Read More »

    Justin Bieber may play Robin in the next Batman movie… [pic]
    Posted by on Sep 16th, 2013

    Batman fanboys and girls over the weekend just about lost their sh*t when Justin Bieber tweeted a picture of himself and the Batman vs Superman film script along with the words ‘robin??’ The Man of… Read More »

    We found #RedTieGuy and his story and dream for SA is awesome [video]
    Posted by on Jul 4th, 2013

    Remember the other day when i posted the video HERE of the kid in the red tie standing behind President Barack Obama during his speech at UCT. Social media networks quickly picked up on his… Read More »

    Twitter now tracks where you go on the web – here’s how to turn it off
    Posted by on Jul 4th, 2013

    It’s no secret that certain applications and browsers watch your online movement so that they can target ads better. Twitter has been experimenting with it for a while, but now have made it official. Twitter… Read More »

    Red Tie Guy in background steals Obama’s thunder at UCT speech [video]
    Posted by on Jul 1st, 2013

    Not sure if you managed to catch US president Barack Obama’s speech at UCT over the weekend…he started off greeting everyone and even said ‘howzit’ to widespread applause, but he was nearly upstaged when social… Read More »

    Helen Zille says ANCYL members threw poo on her car in Khayelitsha [pic]
    Posted by on Jun 5th, 2013

    Western Cape Premier and leader of the DA, Helen Zille, said that at a meeting in Khayelitsha yesterday, members of the ANC Youth League threw faeces and raw sewerage on her vehicle convoy. The poo-flinging… Read More »