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FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been suspended with immediate effect
Posted by on Oct 8th, 2015

Breaking news that FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been provisionally suspended from all soccer activities for 90 days by FIFA’s independent ethics committee. Vice president, Michel Platini, and Fifa’s secretary general, Jérôme Valcke, have also… Read More »

Idols SA judge suspended after she tweeted these f-bombs to a 19yr old student [pics]
Posted by on Aug 27th, 2015

The SABC has suspended Idols SA judge and Metro FM presenter Unathi after she went off on Twitter, swearing at a 19yr old Wits student. Unathi dropped multiple f-bombs in her rant at the student… Read More »

James May responds to Jeremy Clarkson suspension…calls him a knob [video]
Posted by on Mar 12th, 2015

Ya hey…Top Gear fans around the world are losing their sh*t after the BBC suspended Jeremy Clarkson for having a fracas with the show’s producer. The BBC is expected to scrap the remainder of the… Read More »

State of school kids in SA: Grade 8 pupil attacks teacher with a broom [video]
Posted by on Sep 20th, 2013

Quick check up of the state of schooling in South Africa. Seems like respect for your teachers is not big at Glenvista High School in Johannesburg after cellphone footage was captured of a Grade 8… Read More »

The ban on alcohol sales on a Sunday in Cape Town is OFF
Posted by on Mar 28th, 2013

Sunday drinkers rejoice because the new liquor law banning alcohol sales on a Sunday in the Western Cape which was to come into effect on April 1st has been suspended. With just a few days… Read More »

Burger King twitter account hacked and replaced with McDonalds logo [pic]
Posted by on Feb 18th, 2013

The folks in charge of social media at Burger King are gonna have a rather miserable time explaining why the official verified  Burger King Twitter account currently displays a McDonalds logo and the name has… Read More »

Canadian baseball player suspended for writing ‘you are a faggot’ on his face during a game [pic]
Posted by on Sep 19th, 2012

And the Dumbass of the Week award goes to Yunel Escobar of the Toronto Blue Jays for playing a major league baseball game with “tu ere maricon” written on the black eye strips on his… Read More »

SuperSport presenter Peter Davies in deep kak for exposing himself to a minor?
Posted by on Oct 6th, 2011

A couple of months back Darren Scott parted ways with SuperSport for using the k-word and now an award winning presenter who was  to replace him has been suspended amidst allegations that he exposed his genitals in front of… Read More »

Wimbledon tennis match at 59-59 final set.
Posted by on Jun 24th, 2010

And its not over yet  because they suspended play till tomorrow. It’s already the longest tennis game in history and poor John Isner and Nicolas Mahut have to go back tomorrow and finish this madness. Kak funny… Read More »

Tiger Woods gives Obama some tips..
Posted by on Dec 26th, 2009

Yes i know..another Tiger post. But i like the picture and its my blog so unfortunately you’re stuck with me. Its the January cover of Golf Digest featuring 10 tips Obama can learn from Tiger.… Read More »