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Tag: stellenbosch university
South African great white sharks are heading for extinction latest study reveals
Posted by on Jul 20th, 2016

Researchers at Stellenbosch University have presented the findings from the largest great white shark study done in South Africa and as it stands SA’s great white sharks are heading for extinction if the situation stay… Read More »

Stellenbosch University drops Afrikaans… all learning will be facilitated in English [statement]
Posted by on Nov 13th, 2015

While you were sleeping Stellenbosch University released a statement effectively saying “all learning at Stellenbosch University will be facilitated in English”. The statement on language implementation for 2016 was released yesterday and it also mentions… Read More »

Documentary exposing racism at Stellenbosch University goes viral [video]
Posted by on Aug 24th, 2015

A 30 min documentary showing the extent of racism at Stellenbosch University is going viral since it was published at the end of last week. Created by student group Open Stellenbosch, it documents the experiences… Read More »