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    Uber SA pays tribute to its heroes…their partner drivers [video]
    Posted by on Jul 29th, 2015

    It’s no secret that i’ve been late to the party and only recently discovered Uber. If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed that i often speak about the drivers or driver partners… Read More »

    Baskin-Robbins ice cream shops to open in SA
    Posted by on Jul 28th, 2015

    Right…we’ve recently heard that coffee chain Starbucks was going to launch in SA in 2016 HERE and this follows announcements that Krispy Kreme donut shops are also headed our way. A whole bunch of Domino’s… Read More »

    Driver in Cape Town crashes into a pole after fooling around [video]
    Posted by on Jul 23rd, 2015

    It what will surely go viral, a video is doing the rounds of a car in Claremont that crashes into a pole after the occupants try to touch hands with those of another vehicle. The… Read More »

    Several people were mugged on Lion’s Head in broad daylight over the weekend
    Posted by on Jul 21st, 2015

    Quick warning for all of you that enjoy going up Lion’s Head. Several people had their valuables taken on Sunday in broad daylight while climbing Lion’s Head. Apparently two muggers robbed 9 people while running… Read More »

    175 000 South Africans could have their infidelity exposed after Ashley Madison hack
    Posted by on Jul 21st, 2015

    There are a whole bunch of South Africans quietly kakking themselves after online infidelity website Ashley Madison was hacked and th ehackers have threatened to reveal users real names, profiles,credit card details and nude pictures.… Read More »

    Surfer Mick Fanning attacked by shark at J-Bay Open [video]
    Posted by on Jul 19th, 2015

    Surfer Mick Fanning was just attacked by a shark while surfing in the J-Bay Open 2015 in South Africa. The event is being broadcast live. He’s uninjured and can be seen punching the shark. Here’s… Read More »

    Milla Jovovich is filming the next Resident Evil movie in Cape Town
    Posted by on Jul 17th, 2015

    Remember a few months back there was a Gumtree ad doing the rounds looking for zombies for the 6th part of a zombie film? A few sites reported it was The Walking Dead, but i… Read More »

    Don’t get caught by the ‘You have a lucky face’ scam in Cape Town
    Posted by on Jul 15th, 2015

    Ok so we all know about those 419 email phishing scams or fake bank emails asking for your pin. Then there’s the famous red haired con artist in Cape Town HERE who is still catching… Read More »

    Starbucks Coffee is opening in Cape Town in 2016
    Posted by on Jul 14th, 2015

    Starbucks, the famous American coffee company, is coming to South Africa in 2016. The coffeehouse chain is set to open its first store in Johannesburg in the first half of 2016. I’m guessing that Cape… Read More »

    Glorious SA boxed wine advertising [pic]
    Posted by on Jul 14th, 2015

    We all know the power of good advertising hey, but brands spend a fortune at agencies with complicated briefs and expectations of Cannes awards. Fair enough…if you’ve got the money then by all means use… Read More »