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Tag: San Francisco
Awesome video of 5 yr old leukemia sufferer, Miles, getting to be Batman for a day
Posted by on Nov 19th, 2013

I said earlier this morning that i’d try and post stories today that would make me happy and make people smile…well this one will definitely do the job. It may also make you shed a… Read More »

Dramatic amateur footage of the San Francisco plane crash [video]
Posted by on Jul 8th, 2013

On Saturday an Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul crashed on landing at San Francisco’s airport and it was captured on amature video by plane enthusiast Fred Hayes filming the landing from a distance. According to… Read More »

Watch Ken Block’s latest masterpiece, Gymkhana 5…tearing up the streets of San Francisco [video]
Posted by on Jul 10th, 2012

Professional rally driver and chief brand officer at DC Shoes, Ken Block, is back with another insane video of him tearing through the streets of San Francisco. This is the fifth video of Ken Block… Read More »

Awesome tilt-shift film of Cape Town [video]
Posted by on Jul 20th, 2011

A short film by Timmy Henry called ‘Mini Cape’ has cracked the nod as a finalist at the International Festival of Short Film in San Francisco. The tilt-shift film was made in and around Cape… Read More »

WTF Comic Book Of The Day?! [pic]
Posted by on Jun 6th, 2011

Yes ..the creators of this comic book have clearly done the research and determined that every young kid does not want to play Batman or Superman with his friends and instead wants to run around… Read More »