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Tag: road rage
SA road rage incident turns into daytime brawl [VIDEO]
Posted by on Dec 12th, 2016

Another day, another South African road rage incident fueled by racial tension turns violent. This time in PE where an argument in traffic escalated into a full-on brawl involving several people. According to the person… Read More »

SA motorist films himself deliberately knocking over delivery guy in racist road rage incident [video]
Posted by on Mar 14th, 2016

Footage filmed by an Afrikaans motorist showing him deliberately knocking over a delivery man on a motorbike is causing an outcry South Africa. During the video the man can be heard calling the delivery driver… Read More »

Drunk carwash owner in SA threatens woman with a panga in road rage incident [video]
Posted by on Mar 2nd, 2016

We’ve seen some crazy road rage incidents in South Africa, but this chap is right up there in the local Anger Management awards category. The drunk carwash owner was captured on mobile phone video holding… Read More »

Durban motorist in an X5 gets some epic karma during road rage incident [video]
Posted by on Feb 9th, 2016

An angry driver on a Durban highway was recently on the recieving end of some serious karma during a road rage incident. The BMW X5 driver was captured on dashcam trying to intimidate and force… Read More »

Road rage driver falls on his face trying to kick a cyclist [video]
Posted by on Aug 6th, 2015

It’s a few days old, but if you havn’t seen it yet then do yourself a favour because it’s a thing of glory. A cyclist captured helmet cam footage of an irate British motorist losing… Read More »

Instant regret as angry road rage dude picks a fight with a massive guy [video]
Posted by on Jun 4th, 2014

Wanna see what instant regret looks like…well then let this road rage incident be today’s example. Watch as our angry young driver pulls up next to a car that has pissed him off, gets out… Read More »

Cellphone footage captures angry driver getting some instant karma [video]
Posted by on Mar 28th, 2014

Ok let’s put aside the fact the woman in this video is using her mobile phone while driving and instead focus on the glorious outcome of this minor road rage incident where some redneck douchebag… Read More »

Amateur footage captures cyclists assaulting motorist in Sea Point [video]
Posted by on Mar 3rd, 2014

Been sent some hectic footage of a road rage incident in Sea Point where a large group of cyclists are captured assaulting the driver of a stationary vehicle. The amateur footage captured several cyclists punching… Read More »

Crazy footage of biker road rage vs a guy in a Range Rover [video]
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2013

Headcam footage of a motorbike rally in New York captured several bikers assaulting a guy in a Range Rover after one of them cut him off and he ran into the back wheel of the… Read More »

Road rage incident in Sea Point…guy gets KO’d with one punch [video]
Posted by on Mar 29th, 2012

It’s not often that road rage incidents get captured on film, let alone in Cape Town. I stumbled onto this video last night that was uploaded to YouTube less than a week ago and it… Read More »