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Finally someone made an epic Cape Town #MannequinChallenge worth posting..check this one on Camps Bay beach [video]
Posted by on Nov 29th, 2016

Been waiting for ages for someone to create a local #MannequinChallenge video and finally we have one. 200 plus people turned up on Camp’s Bay beach in Cape Town and filmed what is surely the… Read More »

Cape Town restaurant gets slammed for offensive chalkboard message [pic]
Posted by on Sep 20th, 2016

You’d think that in the social media age people would be a tad more aware of publically broadcasting anything remotely racist, sexist or offensive, but noooooooo they still put stuff out there and wonder why… Read More »

Jamie Oliver to open a restaurant in South Africa soon
Posted by on Feb 25th, 2016

British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, is opening his first restaurant in South Africa. There were rumours last year that he may be opening an establishment at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, but latest news… Read More »

Chef of the Decade, Heston Blumenthal, says he wants to open SA restaurant
Posted by on Oct 21st, 2013

Ok i’m not culinary expert, but i do know who Heston Blumenthal is and i thought you foodies would get a kick out of this news. The chef who runs The Fat Duck (voted best… Read More »

Cape Town restaurant chases away Gauteng patrons for tipping only 5% and not 10%
Posted by on Nov 19th, 2012

You folks know how much i love the Cape Town and it’s not often i bitch and moan about the city, but this deserves my two cents. Few things grind my tits more than rude… Read More »

Cape Town restaurant selling ‘Vag chow mein’ for R50! [pic]
Posted by on Aug 30th, 2012

Wednesdays are normally the day of the week when Life is Savage breaks out the childish posts, but i was rather busy yesterday so i’m throwing it out this morning. Spotted on the menu at… Read More »

Photo’s of massive waves in Kalk Bay destroying the Brass Bell Restaurant [pics]
Posted by on Aug 17th, 2012

UPDATE: seems like i’ve been punked and these pics are not recent but from 2008. Move along and ignore this post and feel free to call me a dumbass. The recent storms in Cape Town… Read More »

Wimpy giving away FREE breakfast tomorrow 19th Jan between 7am-8am…cue madness
Posted by on Jan 18th, 2012

Just the other day the rather brilliant Wimpy Braille Burger ad HERE made headlines across the country and tomorrow they will likely do so again except it may not turn out so well hey. You… Read More »

‘Everyone needs to know what kind of a wife you are’…live-tweeting a marriage disintegrate [pic]
Posted by on Nov 9th, 2011

Wasn’t gonna write this story, but it raises some interesting questions about privacy and what not. Boston Globe journalist, Andy Boyle  was sitting in a restaurant yesterday when a couple near him started arguing about… Read More »

Fancy schmancy US restaurant makes you sign 2 page contract before eating
Posted by on Aug 31st, 2011

How’s this restaurant in the US taking dining to new levels of pretentious f**kery by making people sign a 2 page contract just to make a reservation. Rogue 24 in Washington DC  also explicitly bans cell… Read More »